Building Blockchain Projects: Building decentralized Blockchain applications with Ethereum and Solidity

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Get to grips with technical, hands-on coding using Blockchain, Ethereum & Solidity.

a9e9aab2 a4d1 42db 9d6f f6458cba5766. SR230,100a9e9aab2 a4d1 42db 9d6f f6458cba5766. SR230,100 Blockchain & Ethereum Real-World Projects Learn core Ethereum & Solidity programming concepts by working through real-world use cases Learn the art of writing Smart Contracts and use geth’s interactive console to deploy and broadcast transactions using web3.js. Build a Wallet Service, and learn how to manage Ethereum Wallets easily

What is Blockchain technology?

With the growing popularity of Bitcoin there’s now increasing awareness of the underlying technology of Bitcoin – Blockchain. Blockchain’s implementation is not limited to just Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, though. Blockchain is a revolutionary technology which has the potential to disrupt almost all industries, from banking and healthcare through to retail, security, and many others.

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger that maintains a continuously growing list of data records secured from tampering and revision. Every user is allowed to connect to the network, send new transactions to it, verify transactions, and create new blocks.

With Building Blockchain Projects, you’ll learn…

What Blockchain is The core advantages of Blockchain How to create real-world Blockchain projects using Ethereum

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Understanding Ethereum & Solidity

Ethereum – The Blockchain Network for Ether

Similarly to Bitcoin, Ethereum has been built on top of Blockchain technology, but is more than just a digital currency. With Ethereum, developers can build and deploy any kind of decentralized applications on top of Blockchain by writing smart contracts. These smart contracts can be written in several programming languages including LLL, Serpent, and the most popular language – Solidity.

Building DApps using Ethereum and Solidity

Building Blockchain Projects is dedicated to building DApps using Ethereum and Solidity. Throughout this book, you’ll cover every aspect of Ethereum in depth, learning concepts such as cryptography in cryptocurrencies, ether security, mining, smart contracts, and Solidity.

Table of Contents : Understanding Decentralized Applications Understanding How Ethereum Works Writing Smart Contracts Getting Started with web3.js Building a Wallet Service Building a Betting App Building Enterprise Level Smart Contacts Building a Consortium Blockchain

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Consortium Blockchains

Learn how to build Consortium Blockchains with Building Blockchain Projects.

Building decentralized Blockchain applications with Ethereum and Solidity Gain deeper insights into decentralization, cryptography, Bitcoin, and popular Blockchain frameworks Decentralized applications using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hyperledger Advance your Blockchain career by learning Ethereum concepts and theories

Key Topics Covered
Blockchain, Ethereum and Solidity Implementations of Blockchain, Hyperledger, Blockchain solutions from IBM and the Linux Foundation Develop applications using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hyperledger Your one stop guide to learning about Blockchain and Ethereum Smart Contract development

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