Cointelegraph Store introduces Summer of Crypto merch collection

As the market gets hot with the recent price drops, traders need a way to stay cool and take a break from looking at their portfolios. Cointelegraph has dropped a summerwear collection to help holders express their identity as crypto believers, especially when it’s time to take a dip at the pool or the beach.

Inspired by Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum, the Cointelegraph Store created new merchandise to celebrate the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The Summer of Crypto collection features swimwear, towels, flip flops and fanny packs marked with Bitcoin and Ethereum designs.

Summer of Crypto swimsuits

Bring your passion for crypto to the pool or beach with Cointelegraph’s new line of swimwear, including Crypto Summer one-piece swimsuits, which are now available in the store. They are lined with smooth fabric, feature bright colors and fit well for all figures. The swimsuits are available with a Bitcoin or Ethereum design. 

If you prefer to wear trunks, check out the Bitcoin or Ethereum Crypto Summer swim trunks. They feature a silky, anti-chafe inner liner and are designed to dry quickly.

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Ethereum Crypto Summer One-Piece Swimsuit.

Summer of Crypto apparel

Going to the cookout with crypto swag will never go out of style, and the Summer of Crypto collection has your back. Available in Bitcoin or Ethereum designs, the Crypto Summer Tee is a comfortable, lightweight crewneck t-shirt with a bright, colorful pattern. 

If things get hotter than ever, stay cool from sunrise to sunset with the Bitcoin or Ethereum Crypto Summer Tank Top.

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Bitcoin Crypto Summer Tank Top.

Summer of Crypto accessories

No crypto look is complete without accessories, so finish off your summer wardrobe with Crypto Summer flip-flops, beach towels and fanny packs. Whether you’re walking around town, drying off or going off on an adventure, stay in style with Cointelegraph’s summer accessories.

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Bitcoin-themed summer fanny pack.

Enjoy your summer with Cointelegraph’s Summer of Crypto merch. Get some of these exclusive swag for you or your friends as you show your undying love for crypto this summer.