Tron (TRX) And Ethereum (ETH) Remain Steady, While Metacade (MCADE) Continues To Surge

The crypto outlook for 2023 predicts a bullish trend reversal. Prices will likely start rising again in preparation for the Bitcoin halving event, which is scheduled for early 2024. Tron (TRX), Cardano (ADA), and Ethereum (ETH) are expected to start rising once again, while Metacade (MCADE) could explode in value after its presale is complete.

What is Metacade (MCADE)?

Metacade is building the biggest arcade on the blockchain and could become a leading project in the GameFi sector. It offers a variety of arcade-style games, each offering integrated rewards through advanced play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics.

The platform is entirely driven by its community and aims to become a hub for GameFi enthusiasts and Web3 users. The Metacade itself offers both casual and competitive gameplay, and has a range of additional features designed to serve the community in a number of ways, explained in more detail in the next section.

Metacade also aims to fund the next generation of arcade games through its Metagrants program. This feature will allow Metacade users to vote for the best new blockchain games with the goal of providing early-stage funding to help in the development process.

How does MCADE work?

One of the standout features of the Metacade is the Create2Earn mechanics. Users can earn MCADE tokens for contributing to the community, such as by providing useful information that can help other players, posting game reviews, and sharing the latest GameFi alpha.

Another exciting feature Metacade offers is a broad variety of Work2Earn opportunities. Metacade will connect gamers with exclusive job opportunities in Web3, ranging from part-time gig work to full-time roles at crypto start-ups. This will help crypto enthusiasts to break into Web3 and launch a career working with Metacade’s partner projects.

Metacade operates using a pay-to-play system, which enables the platform to deliver MCADE token rewards across several keystone features. As well as Play2Earn games, the Create2Earn mechanic, and the Work2Earn jobs board, users can access community tournaments to compete for the chance to win major MCADE prizes in various arcade games.

What is Tron (TRX)?

Tron is a Layer 1 blockchain that can process many transactions at a low cost. It is a common method for sending cryptocurrency to others because it has rapid block finality. Typically, transactions will be processed in less than 3 seconds, which is a significant improvement on many older blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The TRX ecosystem is also home to a growing number of decentralized applications (dApps), such as games, borrowing protocols, and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). TRX is the native token for this ecosystem. It is used for transaction fees and to secure the network by providing financial incentives for validator nodes.

What is Ethereum (ETH)?

Launched in 2015, ETH brought smart contracts to blockchain technology and enabled dApps to be developed for the first time. Since then, the ETH network has become the largest Web3 ecosystem that supports over 2000 independent blockchain projects.

ETH developers have sought to improve the network’s scalability by migrating the entire blockchain onto a new proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus protocol during ‘The Merge.’

The ETH token is used to pay transaction fees on the Ethereum blockchain and several of its Layer 2 networks, including Optimism and Arbitrum. These fees incentivize validators as they process transactions and support the blockchain infrastructure.

What is Cardano (ADA)?

Cardano is a Layer 1 blockchain that can support crypto transactions at high speed and at low cost. The network also supports the development of dApps. ADA is home to various applications, including DeFi protocols, NFTs, and blockchain games.

A Layer 2 scaling solution is being launched for ADA in 2024 called Hydra. Hydra will improve the ADA blockchain’s scalability, significantly improving the number of transactions that can be processed every second (TPS). Hydra will raise ADA’s TPS from 250 to 1,000,000 – a major improvement in performance.

Crypto outlook 2023: ADA, TRX, ETH, and MCADE Price Predictions

MCADE Price Prediction 2023: $1

The MCADE token will rise in value from $0.008 to $0.02 during the presale, so investors have a limited time available before the price goes up. After the presale, the crypto outlook for 2023 suggests that 50x gains are possible as the MCADE token targets the $1 price level.

ADA Price Prediction 2023: $0.75

The crypto outlook for 2023 predicts that ADA will start rising once again. However, it is likely to hit strong resistance at $0.75.

TRX Price Prediction 2023: $0.10

TRX is a highly liquid cryptocurrency, which helps to process transactions quickly. This also means that the token is less volatile, so the crypto outlook in 2023 is that TRX will rise, but may struggle to break $0.10.

ETH Price Prediction 2023: $2500

The crypto outlook in 2023 suggests ETH will begin to gain momentum after The Merge was successfully completed. The token could reach $2500 by the end of the year.

Crypto outlook 2023: Metacade is the best looking for the future 

The MCADE presale began at the end of 2022, attracting over $1.5 million worth of funding in under five weeks. The project has the potential to become one of the biggest in the GameFi sector, with the crypto outlook for 2023 predicting some explosive price action.

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