“Write For Us” Crypto | Submit Guest Post Cryptocurrency, Blockchain And NFT

Write for Us

“Write For Us” Crypto | Submit Guest Post Cryptocurrency, Blockchain And NFT

Write For Us, Are you an experienced journalist looking for a writing gig? Are you a crypto enthusiast who wants to get more professional experience writing? Are you a freelancer wanting to get involved in crypto?

If you answered yes to any of the above, get in touch with the Crypto Coins Time team and we’ll walk you further through the process of getting your articles published on Crypto Coins Time.

What is Crypto Coins Time?

Crypto Coins Time is an independent crypto news outlet. We are rapidly expanding and aim to be the premier source for all crypto news. Founded in 2022, we’ve been part of the crypto scene since 2021 being early adopters in DeFi, NFTs and a large variety of Layer 1s. Our passion is crypto and Crypto Coins Time is our way of giving back to the crypto community.

We cover everything from policy updates, tech news, DeFi, NFTs, anything crypto we cover.

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Your Experience

You don’t need to be an established journalist to write for us, however, we will require 2-3 writing samples. This helps us maintain a level of trust in your writing and will allow us to expedite the writing process.

The only thing you must have is crypto knowledge. We expect our writers to deeply understand the topics they write about, and to be able to give unique insights into breaking stories.

Your Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of a freelancer at Crypto Coins Time is to write accurate, well-written articles in a timely fashion. You’re expected to:

  • Write grammatically correct and accurate stories
  • Ensure that you meet the conditions of the brief
  • Be reliable and timely.

How To Submit Content?

Write For Us Crypto Submit Guest Post Cryptocurrency Blockchain And NFT.

Follow the below-mentioned criteria for your easy submission to ([email protected]):

  • Your email should have the subject line “CONTRIBUTOR SUBMISSION” along with the title of the article
  • Is your email response to “request for articles”?
  • Does your article reflect a piece of news, announcement, or opinion (pick one)?
  • The email should include the Author’s bio and relevance as an expert on the chosen topic
  • The body of the email should not include article content
  • The article should be between 800 to 1200 words which can be viewed and edited in a collaborative format such as Google Docs.
  • These guideless, if followed correctly, will most probably get your submission accepted at the Crypto Coins Time, provided your content is focused and unique.

Do All Contributions Get Accepted?

We do not accept all contributions as not all of them are considered for final publication nor do we respond to all submissions.

Your submitted contribution content must be unpublished and original and should not include announcements, generic content, or press releases.

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