Yuga Labs Reveals New Details Surrounding Forthcoming BAYC Project Mint

The Alpha

  • Yuga Labs has announced new details surrounding the forthcoming project, prompting BAYC members to prepare for a “skill-based minting experience.”
  • On January 17, a free claim for Sewer Passes NFTs opens only for BAYC/MAYC holders. The pass will grant holders (including any who might obtain one via secondary) access to a skill-based challenge called “Dookey Dash.”
  • On January 18, the multi-week interactive mint event begins, kicking off with “Dookey Dash” and closing on February 8.

Why it matters

Back in December, Yuga Labs shook the NFT space with the announcement of a forthcoming project called The Trial of Jimmy the Monkey. Set to be a new chapter in the BAYC universe, the information came via a short film that chronicled a curious yet whimsical story of a key, a chest, and time-traveling apes.

While the NFT space has since been scrambling to piece together the breadcrumbs left by Yuga Labs on MDvMM.xyz — a new website erected to track the ongoing expansion — today, new definitive information has been revealed. Although a guide was originally promised, Yuga has instead announced a skill-game challenge that corresponds with the Jimmy the Monkey story arc.

On January 18, Yuga will kick off “Dookey Dash,” a skill-based minting experience that takes place in the sewers of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. To be eligible to participate in the experience, users must hold at least one Sewer Pass — an NFT that launches January 17 as a free claim for any BAYC or MAYC owner. Although BAYC community members are the only ones eligible to claim, anyone who obtains a Sewer Pass via secondary sale can play the game.

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